Christina Carmody at KW Vermont
Christina Carmody

Christina Carmody at KW Vermont
Move in. Move out. Just move.

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Christina Carmody at KW Vermont - These tech tools could change the way you use your home.

10 hours ago

Christina Carmody at KW Vermont - Here are some smart strategies to pay off your mortgage faster.

2 days ago

Christina Carmody at KW Vermont - Save time, energy and water by washing these items in your next dish cycle.

2 days ago

Christina Carmody at KW Vermont - First impressions are huge if you're looking to sell your home.

4 days ago

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5dave t johnston

My wife and I are looking to move to Vermont, with little local knowledge but very specific search terms and requirements. Christina is nothing short of exceptional! She is communicative when appropriate, works extremely hard behind the scenes, and has... (more)


My husband and I always had a dream to live in a log home in Vermont. When we were searching on our own we did not think we would ever get our dream. Christina was amazing and was able to make our dream come true! She was great to work with through the entire... (more)


Christina is the best. We found a bunch of great houses right away and zeroed in on the perfect one in no time. She walked me through the complex issues and went to bat when the seller got silly the night before closing. She's also super nice and a lot of... (more)

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